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Help Each Other Out - Referral Scheme

You can get back 100% of the money you spent on your photoshoot.

The referral scheme ends in 31th December 2021.

Veronika 0412 - Tadam headshot photographer in London

Frequently Asked Questions

Refer three people and if they have a photoshoot with me within three months from the day of your photoshoot then you can get back up to 100% of your money.

Yes, up to 100% of the money you paid for your shoot.

If the three clients, you referred spend the same amount of money each on their shoot as you did.

E.g., You had a photoshoot for £299 and each of them spend £299.

I will use this formula to calculate how much money you will get back: 

(Money spent by the first client) + (money spent by the second client) + (money spent by the third client)/3 

E.g., If you spent £299 

(£299+£299+199)/3= £266 

You will get back £266. 

As soon as the third client has paid for their photoshoot.

Companies can apply too, of course.

Just let me know when you refer someone, and I will let you know when I had a photoshoot with them.

After the third client paid for their photoshoot, I will contact you and refund your money.

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